From Jonathan, Debbie and Clio

We joined the albinism fellowship when Clio was only 6 months old. We only wished we’d met the fellowship sooner.To meet people of all ages with Albinism was wonderful, It allowed us to see the potential for Clio’s future and in an instant opened our eyes to a world bigger than we ever thought existed.

For Debbie and I, it was invaluable to meet other parents of children with albinism. To share concerns and ask questions about what we can do to help our little girl. The support has been fantastic and always there for us if we need help of any kind. Join the AF Facebook group, it’s invaluable.

The advent of the baby boxes are a great idea, A lovely welcome from the Albinism family. All the basic tools and great information for you to better understand the world that your child is living in. All of our worries, all of our fears for Clio have been soothed by this great community. We still have our moments of concern, but as anyone in the fellowship will tell you, your child will show you the way. When you think they might fall, they will triumph. When you think they can’t, they will.

Our children are unique, brilliant and beautiful. And we love them.We’re so grateful for our brilliant charity. Thank you

Jonathan, Debbie and Clio