The Albinism Fellowship is reliant on volunteers with a wide variety of skills. Members give up their free time to be Trustees, Contact Persons, to organise events and to raise funds.
From time to time, we need to recruit volunteers for specific roles, and these vacancies will be advertised here. All roles are unpaid (but reasonable expenses may be reimbursed) and will require a level of time and commitment.

“For more information on any of these roles, please feel free to contact us.

Current Vacancies:

We are keen to hear from anyone who can help us fundraise for the costs of our October 2019 weekend conference. Please get in touch info@albinism.org.uk

We are also looking for people to join ourĀ Contact Person network.

Contact Persons support Albinism Fellowship by organising small local events to enable people with albinism and their families to get together. They may also be a more local contact for a family with a child who has been newly diagnosed with albinism.

We are particularly looking to recruit contact persons to cover the following geographical areas: