A Quick How-to Guide to Planning Your Albinism Fellowship Supported Event.

Download below content in PDF file.Run your own event – Albinism Fellowship UK and Ireland

The contents of this pack have been designed specifically to help you plan an event in association with the Albinism Fellowship.

These simple steps should make the planning process straightforward. You can use as much or as little of this pack as you like, and please remember that if you have any problems or concerns or want to chat about any aspect, please do get in touch. We really appreciate what you’re doing and are here to help you!

Let’s Get Started….

  • Decide the type of event you want to run.

    There are different types of events you could host: children’s party, fundraising event, afternoon tea, family BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

    The most common type of event that the Fellowship hosts is the family- orientated event, open to anyone who has the condition or who has direct contact with anyone who has the condition.

  • Create a rough budget

    There are going to be costs associated with running the event. (Unless you are a very talented negotiator).The Fellowship is here to assist with reasonable costs, and we don’t want you as the organiser to be out of pocket. For financial support for the event simply email: treasurer@ablinism.org.uk

    A table has been created to help you try and consider/predict all costs.

    Remember as it is a charity event, it is often possible to get things for free, or at a reduced rate.

  • Pick a date and a venue

    The date is important. Try to avoid major events i.e World Cups, or Olympics. It is also good to check with the Fellowship that no one is already planning an event in your area, within a month of yours, as this could drastically impact attendance.

    Selecting the venue is also important. School halls, Village halls Community Centres are always a good bet. The venue should have access to toilets, big communal area and a kitchen.

    Remember that the venue picked, should have easy access to public transport.

  • Decided on refreshments and entertainment

    Refreshments can seem a bit daunting, however you can keep it simple and just do tea, coffee, squash and cake; or you could ask each family to bring their own BBQ items and/or bring a sharing item for the buffet.

    You may decide to have some entertainment or a feature speaker, for example Santa at a Christmas Party. Or you may simply want some arts and crafts materials to keep the children occupied while parents talk.

  • Advertise

    The Fellowship can help with the advertising of the event on the website, Facebook and Twitter. Once a date and venue has been chosen, send an email to webmaster@albinsim.org.uk. You may also wish to hand flyers to the local Eye hospital / VI teachers.

    It can be helpful to know how many people are planning to attend the event, for catering / entertainment purposes. Therefore, if this is the case we can set you up a temporary @albinism.org.uk email address. If your event requires people to purchase tickets, we can discuss the best methods to do this. Again, send us an email.

  • Risk assessment

    The Albinism Fellowship has Public Liability Insurance, in the unlikely event that a situation occurs. To prevent risk to anyone attending, we have created a simple tick list, which should be used before and during the event, to ensure that health and safety issues are being considered.

  • Set up on the day

    It is important to have some time before the guests arrive to set the room up, and arrange everything. This may include laying out tables, put the urn on for tea and coffee, or simply checking the toilets are unlocked.

    The Fellowship will endeavour to send a trustee along to your event, so on the day please feel free to pick their brains.

  • Enjoy

    The hard work is done. Now you can simply enjoy the event. Remember to take a moment to bask in what you have achieved!

  • Feedback

    There a variety of ways to collect feedback, which you may wish to do. Collect informal feedback during the event. Send out a written survey using Survey Monkey, or by post. Have a debriefing with anyone that helped you run the day.

  • Receipt

    As you have spent time organising the event we don’t want you to be out of pocket, so we have made a handy spread sheet to record all your receipts, both as you go along and afterwards.

Budget planning Spreadsheet

Hall / Venue Hire (Somewhere between free and £25 per hour is a reasonable price).
Entertainment / play / craft equipment
Food / drink For basic tea, coffee, squash and biscuits it is good to estimate £1 per head).
Printed advertising Materials(No more than £20 should be spent towards this ideally, as social media is more effective at advertising).
Catering or Technology Hire equipment(This should hopefully be agreed in your venue hire, if not we wouldn’t recommend spending more than £40).
Speaker Expenses

The Albinism Fellowship can support costs associated with an event. Use this form to show an indication of what the costs may be.

The average amount that the Albinism Fellowship supports events to is £150. However there are several good reasons why your event may cost more than this, so please send us this table and we can consider each event individually.

If you budgets comes out less than £150, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you have forgotten something, you just may be very clever with your pennies.

Risk Assessment

Checked Risks Comments
The steps are clearly marked
Any areas where hot food is being prepared are marked out to prevent danger to children
No way for third parties to easily access the venue
All cables are stuck to the ground or tidied away
Furniture isn’t left sticking unexpectedly in to a room
A list of everyone in the building is created
Sharp objects, such as scissors and knifes are in restricted areas

The Albinism Fellowship doesn’t need to see a copy of this checked document. It is simply designed to ensure you have considered the main health and safety issues.


No. What for? Who paid it? Total Refunded

You may find it beneficial to write the number found in column one, directly onto the receipt. (This will save you a lot of time trying to squint to read the receipt again later.)

Once you have sorted your receipts, please send them to the treasurer for a refund. Email treasurer@albinsim.org.uk

Other useful things to note

If you can find some people to help you plan, that is great. If you can’t, don’t worry the Albinism Fellowship is here to help.

Name badges are often given out (even though half the people there can’t read them). Sticky labels and a thick pen is all that is needed.

It is good to keep a list, (if you can) of who is planning to attend.

Don’t set your expectations too high. Even the best planned events can have poor attendance for no other reason, other than it was too sunny.

If you want to have a specialist speaker but don’t know anyone, drop us an email as we have built up many contacts over the years.

Don’t be worried to signify to the group it is time to start leaving by clearing up. Even the best events must come to an end.

Try to get a group photo of the event. These always look great in the magazine.

Biscuits will ALWAYS go quicker than you think, especially if there are children in attendance.

Afterwards, it would be great if you could write 2 paragraphs about the event that we can use in the magazine.