Questions about the albinism Archives

Can’t she see properly?

No, she can’t see clearly things that are far away or some distance away. That doesn’t mean she can’t see them at all, it may be that she can see an object, but not very clearly. Good contrast helps her to understand what she sees. From a distance she may see you, but she might not recognize you until you are close up or speak.

What can she see?

She sees in a similar way to normally sighted people, apart from the fact that things that you see in focus are blurred or out of focus for her. If you see a person at the opposite end of a football pitch from where you are, you probably can’t see their face clearly. However, you might know who it is because of their clothing or…

Will her eyesight stay the same?

Yes, it is unlikely to get any better, but like everybody’s eyesight it may get worse as you get older. Many children will quickly learn how to make the best use of the sight that they do have and compensate by developing all sorts of different strategies. When she was in nursery she knew if I had walked in the room by the jangling of…

What colour are her eyes?

They are just pale, sort of grey and lack colour. They aren’t pink or red, except on flash photos.

Why is she wearing sunglasses indoors?

The sunglasses reduce glare from bright lights making it more comfortable for her. Not all people with albinism wear dark glasses. You have to find what best suits the individual.

What is Albinism exactly?

It is a condition that you’re born with, that you inherit from your parents, where for a variety of reasons your body has no or very little melanin. This is important because it affects the way in which your eyes develop before you are born and your ability to see clearly objects close up and at a distance.

Why do her eyes wobble?

It is a condition called Nystagmus. People with albinism will have some degree of nystagmus.

Why is her head wobbling?

Her head wobbles just very slightly sometimes to counteract the nystagmus, something she does automatically to help improve her vision.

Isn’t there an operation she can have?

No and experts have advised us that is very unlikely that an operation could be done in the foreseeable future because of the nature of her condition. Some people may have an operation to correct a squint but this does not generally improve their eyesight (significantly?)

How does the Nystagmus affect her eyesight?

People who have albinism tell me that it stops them being able to focus clearly on things in detail e.g. sometimes it is hard to read phone numbers as all the figures blend into each other. Reading vertical lines on a graph is difficult, they either turn the paper around or tilt their head to one side. This is the same as reading the spine…