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Is that a wig?

She has been asked this on several occasions! A smile and a gentle tug of her locks is the way we have dealt with the situation. It would be easily to regard this as rude and react angrily, but we see the funny side.

Should I register my child as ‘partially sighted’?

There is some reluctance on the part on some parents and people with albinism to register as partially sighted. Some people prefer not to be labelled or pigeon holed. However, there are advantages in that it defines her sight to a particular level so that others, perhaps in authority, have to take note. Concessions are available to some places if you are registered as partially…

Are there any things that she cannot do?

Legally drive a car in Great Britain on the road is the only barrier we have found so far, and she isn’t old enough to do that to do that anyway! People with albinism can go to hot sunny countries and even go skiing. Most things she has a go at. We were advised that the Cello would be too difficult because the music would…