National broadcaster Channel 4 TV is about to start filming its award-winning series ‘The Secret life of 4 and 5 years old’ again this summer.

This programme follows four and five year olds as they take their first steps towards independence and embark on the new challenges of going to school. The series follows their development from the moment they meet for the first time, through the forming of friendships to learning social rituals and friendly competition.

The entire process is observed and monitored by leading scientists and child psychologists who provide occasional comment on the children’s stages of development.

The production company, RDF Television, is trying to contact families with children with albinism to potentially be among the stories they broadcast in the next series of this educational show.

They will be running a number of open ‘casting days’ across the country during May and June where they start the selection process and meet children and their families.

If a family (and child) with albinism is chosen the film makers would like to explore what it is like living with the condition on a day-to-day basis and look at that child’s development, through the eyes of a four or five year old. Filming is mainly done in and around London.

Families who are chosen to take part will get a say in what is broadcast during the episode/s featuring them and their child as part of the editorial process. But please note, if you do choose to take part in this programme, this is a TV series being made for national television by an external TV production company, not the Albinism Fellowship, potentially with a big audience of TV viewers in the UK and beyond.

If you would like your family to be considered for filming as part of this TV series and to find out more about the process, please contact Zyreeta Abadji, Casting Producer for the Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year olds. Email: zyreeta.abadji@rdftelevision.com