The programme, ‘Born Too White,’ which featured a doctor with albinism travelling to two African countries to find out about the plight of people with albinism, was a reasonably well balanced feature.

We note the interest of members of the Albinism Fellowship and other people with albinism in the programme and we feel that Dr Oscar Duke was an interesting person to front this film.

While it is good that attention is being drawn to the horrifying events concerning people with albinism in Malawi and Tanzania and encouraging that people are trying to improve things, clearly these events are in great contrast to the day-to-day experiences of people living with albinism in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We also note the concerns and comments of some people with albinism about the use of the word “albino” in recent media programmes – this is regretful and clearly there is much education still to do.

Roselle Potts
Chair of the Albinism Fellowship for the UK and Republic of Ireland