Contact Person Network

The fellowship has a growing network of volunteer Contact Persons. Their primary role is to assist us to provide information, advice & support more locally.

What do Contact Persons do?

The kinds of activities that a Contact Person might undertake locally for us include:

Our expectations of our Contact Persons are realistic and reasonable, especially as they are undertaking a voluntary role and are very much there to guide and support you based on their and our experiences as opposed to being an 'expert' on albinism.

Who are the Contact Persons and which areas do they cover?

We are very pleased to introduce to you our Contact Persons and the areas they aim to cover which are subject to review.

Drummond Cameron - Glasgow and South West Scotland

Rosaleen Dempsey - Northern Ireland

Treasa O'Callaghan - Republic of Ireland

Anne-Marie Jackson - Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear and North Yorkshire

Kate Middleton - Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire

Jackie and Ken Cole - Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

Sarah Fellows - Herefordshire, Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire

Georgina Taylor - Dorset, Avon & Somerset

Roselle Potts & Akeel Bari - London

How were Contact Persons recruited and trained?

The role of Contact Person is voluntary but we take it very seriously. Our Contact Persons were carefully selected through applications and interviews and have or will be undergoing initial training to make sure that they all have the same basic understanding of albinism and knowledge of the issues that they might need to deal with in their roles. Subject to funding, Contact Persons will attend an annual training event and they can access on-going support from our trustees.

How do I access Contact Person support now?

To get in touch with a Contact Person, contact the fellowship as usual via telephone or email.
We will take initial details of your enquiry and if we have a Contact Person in your area that can help we will forward details of your enquiry to them and they will get back to you. Also tell us if you want to volunteer to help support a Contact Person with local activities including fundraising.

When our network has developed further and the Contact Persons have become more established we will look at ways in which you can contact them direct probably via email.

Details of information and fundraising events being organised by our Contact Persons and awareness raising events/exhibitions they attend will be placed on this site.

If you have any questions about our Contact Person network, please contact us.